Sep 302014

Thank you for your patience over the last two weeks. I’m ready to pick things back up and get to work. Proof of such is below: today’s new build!

New Town Layouts

  • Towns now have randomized layouts and additional shops. A few new variant shop layouts were added, and in general most shops should be physically smaller and easier to navigate.
  • The Inn has returned! While not fully functional yet, you can now get a night of rest at an Inn and be granted an XP bonus that should last until your next dungeon or so. Probably too long!

Spiral Dungeon Floors

  • Rarely, and in more difficult dungeons, you may encounter a floor that is a concentric maze, with twisting narrow hallways, multiple side doors, and a great deal of treasure.
  • The floors are large, perhaps too large. If you encounter one please send in feedback after (if?) you make it to the center stairwell.
  • In future builds, there will likely be an Ancient King stationed at the center.

Two New Hero Sprites

Introducing Cham and The Duelist, two new Lady Dungeonmens ready to dive into adventure and get slaughtered like everyone else.

Engine Work: Item Save Data

I’m testing out a new method of loading and saving item data that should allow for any item version to be loaded, even ones from saves before Early Access started! If this proves effective I’ll be using this same concept

Engine Work: Post-Game Dungeon

There is nothing player-accessible yet, but more work has been done on creating  a post game experience that will scale far past the level cap and provide super crunchy monster crushing for the dedicated dungeon delver.


Sep 162014

Hey Dungeonfans,

Since the very first time Dungeonmans was available to the public in 2010, I’ve done my best to engage with every player who wants to engagem talking about the game, development, and basically jawin’ about dungeons. With the launch of last year’s Kickstarter, I made the promise to be as transparent as possible with everyone who supported the game, and that same pledge extends to each player who shared their support with me in Early Access. The status of development must never be a mystery to people who ponied up good coin for Dungeonmans.

With that said, here’s the following bad-but-not-terrible news: I am separating from my partner and taking some time to get settled in a new location and pick the pieces back up. Normally, this sort of personal information isn’t really something I’d share, but as I explained above I feel like I owe total transparency to the people who gave me their support.

What does this mean for Dungeonmans development?

  • I won’t be actively working full time on the game for at least the next week. I’ll be spending a lot of this time traveling and we all know not to code and drive.
  • I will miss the next few live streams, at least a week’s worth.
  • 1.6 will almost certainly not be delivered next Tuesday– I’m loathe to miss the schedule, but I don’t feel like I can get the job done correctly in days to come.

Now let me be very clear on one point: Dungeonmans is NOT going into a murky, endless, development hiatus.

Working on this game is one of my great joys and work will continue once I get my shit wired and things settle down. I will do my level best to remain available for questions and conversation, both via email and twitter, while all this is going down.

Lastly, I apologize for letting this personal issue get in the way of delivering the game I owe you. The last few weeks have been a difficult period and I simply haven’t been firing on all cylinders. No doubt there are some of you who feel like you are being let down. Please contact me directly if you feel like there’s something I can do for you to make things right.

Sep 092014

Museum Update

The Museum has entered the next phase of development!

  • Museum Layout changed to display all possible monster categories.
  • All Monster Knowledge may be collected, though not every monster will have an assigned MK category yet.
  • Museum Curator will now display all current MK levels when asked.
  • Rewards for gathering all MK have not yet been implemented.

Large Shields

The second power in the Shieldcraft mastery line has been redesigned. Now called Shield Mastery, the passive grants a number of bonuses:

  • Large Shields may be equipped. Large Shields have increased block rates and come with additional armor, but reduce your maximum stamina by 20%.
  • Makes Shield Rush hit harder.
  • High Guard counter now has intelligent 1-tile knockback.
  • Polearms may be equipped with Shields.
  • Gain the Bulwark passive, where every round spent in the same tile adds a 3% bonus to your block score.

Cone powers

Break the Line and Bees Please have been modified so that the first line of targeted tiles is three wide instead of one. The length of the cones remains the same, but they have been widened.

Combat Log Font Size

You can change it in the options now.

Overworld Encounters

  • Random encounters now drop appropriate loot for their difficulty. Better stuff in the deeper wilds!
  • The monster displayed in random encounter dialogs is now picked from the actual encounter table, rather than a static list.

Unfinished Work

  • Mercenary Contracts are not available as loot drops yet.
  • Roadblocks still don’t scale correctly. Almost there!


  • Fixed some sounds for orc behemoth
  • Removed orc behemoth slow
  • Fixed breakables not taking one turn
  • Objects with a self-decay timer now display a countdown as they approach removal.
  • Enemy buffs should no longer affect inanimate objects