Dec 182014

Major Bug Fixes

  • Monsters that steal items or stats (like Stremf) will now correctly return those objects when killed, even if you left the area.
  • Stat-bearing rings now grant their stats.
  • Fixed certain Bleed, Melee and Ranged damage resistances not working.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in Wooden Barricades.
  • Items festooned in enchantments by greedy Dungeonmens will no longer cause the inventory to crash.
  • Monsters with missing Monster Knowledge values have been updated, allowing them to populate the Museum.

Cosmic Enchanted Items

Be advised that items are now limited to one Cosmic enchant.

Trying to spoil as little as possible here: having 4 or 5 of those stacked on every piece of gear made the game completely trivial. To adjust for this, the power of the Cosmic enchant has been increased. Attempting to enchant an item more than once with Cosmic power will instead increase the magic modifier of the item by one.

Bandits, Brigands, and Towers

  • Added three new enemy types: Duke of Distractions, Baron of Bones, and Marchioness Astromanser.
  • Tower difficulty now ranges from levels 8 to 13.
  • Bandit Kings are now level 13, and no longer appear earlier on as regular enemies.
  • Brigand Strongmens should be appearing more regularly, and Champions have the power to disarm you!

Towers have been well received for their unique style of play, big rewards, and cool Warlord encounters. However, they didn’t quite scale well, to the point where Towers at level 11 or so became too easy, even when marked as “Legendary” depending on the location. This has been adjusted.

The new Bandit types will also appear in high level regular dungeons as well.

Balance Issues

  • Decoymens can only be summoned one at a time now, and once a Decoymans is killed, all monsters who saw that event get wise to your tricks and might not be fooled again.
  • Shield Rush no longer stuns Champions, Bosses or Ancient Kings, but instead throws them Off Balance for a round, weakening their attack damage.
  • Bannermans has an extra mastery point in Cartography, Southern Gentlemans loses one in Bows, bringing both classes to 5 points at start.


Other Bug Fixes

  • Mountain Scrobolds now bring rocks down on your head much faster.
  • Fixed Door Spikes occasionally having no health.
  • Fixed UI issue for Stellar Anvil.
  • Fixed issues where enemy Blinks would result in them being in two different places.
  • Fixed Tireless not always working for some stamina powers.
  • Crash on loading/saving a Temple Map under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed extra space between damage numbers and damage type in the combat log.
  • Fix for Blinged Reaper save crash.
  • Fixed occasional Detonate Deadpulse crash.
  • Fixed the look of some broken doors in the Mountain Fortress.