Apr 232015

Dungeonmans is 25% off on Steam for the weekend of 23-27 April!


In the five months since launch, Dungeonmans has added lots of new features and improved existing ones. If you haven’t seen the game in a while, check out these updates!

  •  A new post-game adventure! The Amaranth Pandemonium offers an endless (?!) descent through a unique dungeon with ever-increasing difficulty and the new Glorious item system
  •  Over 50 new items, including a totally new tier of armor and weapons!
  •  Hero retirement! High-level Dungeonmens can retire to teach at the Academy, open a tavern in the countryside, or just pass the mantle of heroism on to a new graduate and wander the world as a freelance adventurer.
  •  New shops and town improvements! Spend your hard-earned coin at Foomingdale’s, Aim Low, Ranger Danger, and other specialty shops.
  •  Redesigned and enhanced skills, such as Dungeon Dervish and Dual Wielding – use the new Tempo system to chain attacks into an ever-intensifying whirling dance of destruction!
  •  Full Gamepad support and new Steam Cloud saves!
  •  Numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and UI improvements!
  •  The King of Thieves gives your stolen items back when you kill him. Honest!

Check out these patch notes describing Amaranth Pandemonium, the post game adventure:


Interested in seeing more? Dungeonmans development continues and is broadcast live, twice a week, via Twitch. 11:30-2p PST on Wednesdays and Fridays.


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