Sep 252015

Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam-based Hooplah

Dungeonmans now contains a wide collection of Achievements to achieve, as well as a full compliment of Trading Cards to collect, Backgrounds and Badges to barter, and Emoticons to FEEL. Earn them by playing your favorite Dungeonmans themed game.

New Gear!

New variants on weapons and shields have entered the game, as well as a collection of new legendary weapons.

  • Shortbows: Bows with reduced firing range but increased damage. Probably OP.
  • Piercing Polearms: Polearms that do reduced damage to adjacent enemies but extra bonus damage to enemies farther away.
  • Defensive Staffs: Wizard Staff weapons with reduced spellpower bonuses but a flat reduction to damage taken.
  • Elemental Resist Shields: Shields with reduced block and armor but increased resistance to magic damage.
  • 7 new rings.
  • 6 new pieces of Legendary gear.
  • Souldrinking Bolster scrolls, guaranteed to drop from Crypt bosses, give powerful enchantments to your weapons at the cost of your very own Stremf!


New Dungeon Type: Fallen Castles

Lost in distant forests, one might find once mighty castles that have crumbled and been reclaimed by both nature, and villains of the world desperate to find shelter. These outdoor ruins are excellent sources of Purloined Inventory and Blueprints, as well as densely packed with the monsters you love to crush.

Updates and Fixes

  • Pools are interesting finally! Newer, longer-lasting enchantments, more variety, and the occasional monster filled surprise.
  • The Academy Armorer now lets you melt down unlocked gear that can’t be Psychotossed.
  • Brigand Cryoduchesses do less bleed damage with Outlaw Shank and also fire the Shank slightly less often.
  • Mid level bosses no longer have health in the 18k range, but they remain tough and damage output has not been nerfed.
  • Weapon and Armor racks now toss loot around like treasure chests do.
  • UI Fixes including dialog boxes not working properly with the mouse.
  • Fallen Dungeonmens Pyres are appearing again for heroes level 10 and higher.
  • Fixed a crash with Necromanser poisons and level transitions.
  • Invisible monsters shouldn’t draw on the map any longer.