Apr 232015

Dungeonmans is 25% off on Steam for the weekend of 23-27 April!


In the five months since launch, Dungeonmans has added lots of new features and improved existing ones. If you haven’t seen the game in a while, check out these updates!

  •  A new post-game adventure! The Amaranth Pandemonium offers an endless (?!) descent through a unique dungeon with ever-increasing difficulty and the new Glorious item system
  •  Over 50 new items, including a totally new tier of armor and weapons!
  •  Hero retirement! High-level Dungeonmens can retire to teach at the Academy, open a tavern in the countryside, or just pass the mantle of heroism on to a new graduate and wander the world as a freelance adventurer.
  •  New shops and town improvements! Spend your hard-earned coin at Foomingdale’s, Aim Low, Ranger Danger, and other specialty shops.
  •  Redesigned and enhanced skills, such as Dungeon Dervish and Dual Wielding – use the new Tempo system to chain attacks into an ever-intensifying whirling dance of destruction!
  •  Full Gamepad support and new Steam Cloud saves!
  •  Numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and UI improvements!
  •  The King of Thieves gives your stolen items back when you kill him. Honest!

Check out these patch notes describing Amaranth Pandemonium, the post game adventure:


Interested in seeing more? Dungeonmans development continues and is broadcast live, twice a week, via Twitch. 11:30-2p PST on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Follow @Dungeonmans on twitter for super fast updates on game information as well as great news about other roguelikes.




  2 Responses to “Dungeonmans Updates Spring 2015 and Steam Sale!”

  1. Hey,

    I dont know if I told you this already or maybe someone else did but I have been playing your game a great deal and its pretty darn awesome. Why am I wasting your time with such a comment? Because I didnt fund the kickstarter because there was no MAC OS X edition coming out and all I own are MACS. Anyway, I am throwing you this paragraph with horrible grammer and obvious thinly controlled lechery because I have playing your awesome a great deal on my bodacious Mac. How you say? Parallels! I set up a virtual PC and put my windows XP onto it. Its awesome to hear that XP startup noise and have a 60GB harddrive on the image that is secretly only 1GB. Anyway, just to let you know your game runs Perfectly. It has no idea that Im not using a actual XP machine.

    I believe that VMware is free and it would also run Dungeonmans like it was Native. Oh yes, when using Parallels you can have the program turn into a “wrapper” and simply put it with all your mac software. You double click that and it wont load up the entire image, the desktop or any of that. It simply loads the game and obviously whartever the the barebones was it needed. When you quit the game there is no Windows shell… nope your dropped into your sexy beautiful macs vicinity.

    It runs awesome. I can freeze the image and go do stuff beause when i come back and hit unfreeeze its EXACTLY where i was.

    k thanks… I should probablhy make a PDF with all the steps bnut I have to wittle children that are two years apart and ones 4. Also, 120 work weeks for hours and i am fat.

    anyway, luv ya big dawg. always did even when yuu tried to out us al

  2. I’m really hoping to see this in GOG one day!

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