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The good ol’ Southern Gentlemans has always been an outlier in the collection of various Dungeonmans classes. Designed as a fresh take on the Barbarian playstyle, the class provides large amounts of power for people willing to play recklessly and endure some randomness. Over the life of the game, there’s been enough data collected and feedback generated to help paint a picture of how SG could be a more entertaining class to play.

The goal of this refresh is to make the various Southern Gentlemans masteries more useful as parts of other builds, as well as solidify the class to build a core strong enough to base a build around. Let’s take a look!

New Class Features:

Rank: Just like the Psychomanser, Southern Gentlemans now has a ranking system. Each point you put in one of the three masteries will increase your rank by one. Your SG rank ties directly into two new class features listed below.

Ire and Irked: When you have 50 or more Ire, you are now Irked, and do additional damage in combat. This is a flat multiplier applied to all basic melee or ranged damage. The multiplier increases based on your SG rank.

Refreshing Beverages: Killing an enemy or damaging a Champion tier monster may result in a Refreshing Beverage falling onto the battlefield. These drinks immediately restore some health (Iced Tea) or stamina and mana (Mint Julep). The amount of resource restored is based on your SG rank.


Decorum now takes up one less button on the hotbar and is way more useful at shutting down powerful opponents, especially high-output melee enemies.

Rapier Wit: The bleed applied has been toughened up considerably and scales with Science.

Disarming Smile: This power is now a PASSIVE and adds a Despair effect to Rapier Wit. Check out Despair below.

Refreshments are Served: The heal has been improved slightly, but most importantly the visual effect has been made much clearer. Every counter attack provides a Refreshing Beverage visual.

Fire and Brimstone

These powers are now driven by Spellpower (and therefore, Foom) and have been made much less random in execution. Also, they no longer start tantrums, which will allow these powers a bit of depth that they were lacking before.

Blazing Vituperation: The F-Bombs now seek out enemies nearby and are no longer completely random. They also make an explosion on impact as well as continue to burn over a few rounds. The overall damage is about the same, but some of it has been moved forward into the explosion meaning that the F-Bombs can be used to kill an enemy before they get that last hit in. Also, the number of F-Bombs tossed increases with SG Rank. The cost has gone up to 20 Ire.

Icy Vitriol: This power no longer fires in a random direction but rather targets a nearby enemy and shoots a cone in that direction. Enemies hit by Icy Vitriol are Frozen in place and Scathed, reducing their damage output and increasing their damage taken. Take note, Icy Vitriol no longer deals damage. If you have to kill a pack of bees right-the-heck-now, this is the wrong power to use, but if you need to stall some foes while a power comes down off strain or to make a get away, this will help.>

Blasphemous Tirade: The damage has been improved slightly, but also scaled to work better with your stats. Survivors of the initial attack are knocked around at random. Be careful when shouting out words in a language you can barely comprehend, there could be trouble…

Sound and Fury

Unchanged. You either like chaining furious keybinds together or you don’t. Remember, roaring in real life at the keyboard totally helps.

New Status Effect: Despair

This is a new debuff the player can put on to enemies, either through Rapier Wit + Disarming Smile or rare scrolls found in the mid to late game. Despair will strip an enemy of all buffs and shields, reduce their damage output, increase damage taken, and Addle them for a few rounds as well. The primary use of Despair is to have an ace in the hole against surprise Champions that your particular build might not be suited to handle.

Balances Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Protection From -Whatever- scrolls last for 30 rounds instead of 10.
  • The Academy Warchest now tosses loot into the world rather than just handing it to you.
  • AI attacks and reflected/tossed weapons now deprioritize inanimate objects.
  • Cleaned up input and text centering during the start of Ironmans mode.
  • 5th rank Mysterious Artifacts now show up at the Museum, starting with your next hero.
  • Volatile Liquidity only costs 1 Deadpulse now, really.
  • Lots of Hotbar fixes involving dragging items onto them. Less green squares, and (hopefully!) less swords being lost forever because you bound them to a key.
  • Sound effects added to a whole bunch of spells that were missing them, whoops.

  2 Responses to “Southern Gentlemans Refresh”

  1. my game crashes once i select my dungeonmans to load my academy

  2. Quite interested in this game!
    Nice to see this game is still receiving updates.

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