May 152014

At long last. After an extended Greenlight campaign, months of development and mountains of player feedback, Dungeonmans is on the way to Steam! Monster crushing high adventure will be available to more people than ever before, and you won’t have to constantly re-download the game when updates go out. Huzzah!

Why Early Access?

Because the game isn’t complete, but it’s in great shape and full of content. Getting more feedback and gameplay data can only help make Dungeonmans a better game. We’re moving to the point where balance becomes super critical, and the late game (and post game!) are beginning to take shape. We’re going beyond the basics, and starting to develop the unique and interesting events that help create the storied adventures that roguelikes are known for. Feedback from Early Access will help ensure that Dungeonmans meets its full potential.

Pre-order here to save some coin!

Dungeonmans pre-orders are live for $10.00 right now on the sale page. On May 28th, the price goes up! Pre-orders will receive the Early Access version of the game on May 28th, as well as a Steam version.

Already purchased Dungeonmans?

If you picked up the Early Access version, or purchased the Dungeonmans Pre-order, you’ll receive Steam access on that day. I don’t have the exact details on whether you’ll receive a key in the mail or just link your Humble version to Steam, but I am in the process of figuring that out right now.

Do you want to know more?

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May 072014

The latest version of Dungeonmans Early Access is now available! If you’ve already picked up an Early Access version, you can grab the latest version from your Humble library. If you haven’t joined us in Early Access, what are you waiting for!?

Alpha 2.02

Bug Fixes

  • Selling to the shop should no longer trick the game into thinking you’re wearing scrolls as pants when you load your save game.
  • Assigning powers to the power bar, via hotkeys, mouse, or both, should work correctly.
  • The Dungeon Bookkeeper hang has been fixed!
  • Invisble trees are now visibile.
  • Some cases of jankily positioned doors have been fixed.
  • Bookshelf sprites fixed.
  • Sound and other feedback added to scrolls of Eat Curse and Curse Gear.

New Features

  • The game will now draw pixel-perfect at resolutions above 1280×800. Just make that window as big as you like. Fullscreen mode isn’t implemented yet, and there are still some elements of the presentation that don’t draw pefectly. Shrinking the window to below 1280×800 will cause the game to scale down to fit inside the viewable area. One day I’m going to just add a drop down to select a resolution.
  • Consumables (potions and scrolls) can be slotted to the power bar. Drag them over with the mouse, or press shift+number to hotkey them, just like you would with powers.
  • Monsters will explode into little bloody bits and make sounds when killed.

General Gameplay

  • Any monster that sees a Dungeonmans head through a stairwell will be emboldened by the base cowardice on display and heal to full health.
  • Wandering Monsters won’t spawn in the entrance room of a dungeon, specifically not in sight of the stairway. Wandering Monsters also now spawn with more aggression and will sometimes hunt a resting player down.

Southern Gentlemans

  • Ire generation has been increased when players take hits that deal any damage, and reduced to zero for hits that deal no damage.
  • Rapier Wit now triggers on blocks as well as the guaranteed parry, meaning that it is again useful for 1H+Shield users.

Bannermans + Heavy Armor

The early Bannermans power set wasn’t working together well, primarily because the Stamina cost of the first Heavy Armor power was too (damn) high. Neither Battle Fervor nor Banner of the Tide Turned were bringing value for their cost. Both skills have had their effect increased and cost reduced. Battle Fervor might be too powerful now, I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • Stamina cost of all Banners reduced.
  • Regeneration granted by Banner of the Tide Turned has been increased.
  • Battle Fervor: Stamina cost reduced to ~20% of baseline Stamina, duration and regeneration increased.