Jun 122015

Introducing the Psychomanser!

Once but a distant stretch goal during the Kickstarter, the Psychomanser is finally here! A powerful martial artist combined with potent psychic powers, Psychomansy allows for all new interactions with the game world. The Psychomanser is a brand new Dungeonmans class, built around the idea of the Martial Mentalist, a warrior who uses mind and body to become the perfect weapon. Three truly unique Mastery lines blend together to create a powerful finesse class, but like all Dungeonmans masteries you can mix and match them as you please.

  • The Diamond Self is a mobility line that combines strong offense with quick escapes, but requires careful positioning. It also contains a passive that lets you shake off Debuffs as you fight.
  • Telekinesis allows you to use normal-tier items in your inventory as resources, hurling around weapons and armor with the power of your mind. Battlefield control is the key element, the powers help clear enemies more rapidly as well as create meaningful obstacles for foes to overcome.
  • Hymns of the Old Century is a punching-based line of martial arts stances. With your empty hands you can pick up and throw enemies, punch down walls, and launch lightning-quick blows that leave your enemies Already Dead. These powers are fueled by a new resource called Verve which is generated by punching foes.
  • Every point spent in Psychomansy increases your overall Psychomansy Rank, which in turn increases the damage of your bare fists as well as the maximum amount of Verve you can store.

Defense Adjustmenerfs

At mid to high tier play, Heavy Armor and Shields were simply preventing too much incoming damage. That build is designed to wade into combat and take lots of hits, but it got to the point where there were no meaningful threats remaining unless a monster did a tremendous amount of bleed or starlight damage.

Block and Parry have been modified to no longer prevent 100% of incoming damage! Small Shields now block 30% of incoming damage, Large Shields block 60% of incoming damage and can also block magical damage. Parrying blocks 20% of incoming damage. Enemies with the ability to block attacks now block 50% of the incoming damage.

Armor Damage Reduction is capped at 60%. Run the numbers, and a fully armored warrior with a large shield takes 40% damage on the average hit, and 16% damage on blocked attacks. Combined with the stamina based armor powers that reduce incoming damage, heavy armor builds are still super rough and tumble tanky Dungeonmens.


Across the board, stamina regen powers have been reduced in effectiveness, and cost scaling with level has gotten steeper. The average player with 40+ stremf at high levels will still be ahead of the curve, however the goal is to avoid situations where players end up with 85% of their stamina remaining after using six powers in a row to fight a room of 20 monsters.

Sword and Board Improvements

Shield Rush now has a targeting ray to make it exceptionally clear where you’ll end up when rushing. The damage and addle effect have been improved.

Hammer and Anvil now executes an AOE attack against all adjacent enemies at the end of the move. If there are any enemies within two tiles after using Hammer and Anvil, the power does not trigger Strain and does more damage if used again the next round.

Necromanser Improvements

Redistribution of Health now drains an unlimited number of enemies within a radius based on the number of Deadpulses the caster has. Enemies who are hit by this power now also suffer a bleed effect.

Volatile Liquidity now consumes 1 Deadpulse + mana, has a range of 5, increases duration based on science and scales damage based on science and weapon.

Messenger of Oblivion is an all new ranged curse that Addles a foe and strips them of all buffs while cursing them to take additional Dread Purple damage when hit by any source.

Blood Futures is in the trash, where it belongs.

Bare Handed Combat

Your empty hands can be used as weapons. Fists deal minimal damage, but the damage increases with every point in Psychomansy. High-tier Psychomansers have incredibly powerful punches. Eventually the game will include fist-wrapping type items to allow you to enchant your two glowing hands.

Heroskins now have an additional property, “skintone”, which will determine what color the fists should be. 0 represents a caucasian skin tone, 1 a more olive/yellowish color, and 2 dark brown.

Random Name List

The next time you load the game, you’ll find a file called random_hero_names.txt in your save folder. Follow the instructions inside if you want to create a prepackaged list of random hero names for your adventures.

Bosses, Ancient Kings and Warlords

  • HP increased from 300% to 1800% depending on monster level.
  • Warlords now drop special weapons and items based on their Warlord class. These items are Tier 4+, and scale based on the level of the Warlord.


Balance Changes

  • Block and Parry are now calculated before Dodge, which will raise the likelihood of counterattacks from powers such as Tempo and High Guard.
  • Dodge is capped at 90%– every enemy has at least a 10% chance to hit you.
  • New Armor enchants have been added for Tier 2 and 3 Bolster scrolls. No longer will you be stuck with Deft, Fluid and Sturdy.
  • Searing Bloodragers now do 40% less damage.
  • Battle Fervor no longer replenishes Stamina on kills.
  • Purpleated Trigers now have a level scaling range of 12 to 15, instead of 15 to 15. Whoops.
  • Enemies with multiattack powers can now be blocked, parried and dodged.


UI / Art Improvements

  • Right Click / Right Thumbstick Press now provides a context sensitive drop down menu of movement or inventory options.
  • Right Click also includes Click To Move, if you like that sort of thing.
  • Lots of cleanup in the stats screen, including finally pinning down the minor variance in average damage. I think.
  • “Extra Action!” is displayed in the buff/debuff list over the stat block when you have 200 or more AP to spend.
  • Bleed Resist is now displayed in the UI.
  • Brand new art for Tower dungeons, and improved tilesets for Gray Dungeons, Crypts and Towns.


Partial List of Bug Fixes

  • I Am Death Incinerator!, Rocks Fall, and Punk Molotov crashes fixed.
  • Rare Banner crash fixed.
  • Rare World Gen hang fixed.
  • Tightened up restrictions on invalid character names to prevent crashes.
  • Armor Passives are now disabled if not wearing the correct armor.
  • Global resist penalties / bonuses no longer apply twice. Specifically, Pneumatized now has the correct 15% penalty and not 30% to all damage taken.
  • Bleed resist powers (such as Bloodglue Brew) now give 9001% Bleed Resistance instead of 100%.
  • Bolster Scrolls are now only usable on the appropriate item types.
  • One Stood Against Many buff now correctly modifies outgoing and incoming damage.
  • Anavrin now correctly misses every time.
  • Saving and loading during a Traplord battle no longer causes the Traplord to enter an unbeatable state.
  • Upgraded Libraries now correctly spawn books for new Dungeonmens at the Academy.
  • Refreshments Are Served is no longer named Rapier Wit.