Aug 262014


Undead monsters have undergone a complete balance pass and new variations have been added to cover the entire leveling spectrum. Previously, it was quite likely that when you entered a Crypt you’d encounter some monsters that were 5+ levels stronger than the area you were in. These unfortunate events would often lead to what was best described by an instance of player feedback: “total bullshit deaths”. I agree.

Make no mistake, Undead are still powerful enemies! But they will level and scale appropriately to the area you are in. If you are in a level 5 part of the map, you won’t see level 12 Damned Necromansers sauntering in with 300 points of cold damage every round. The power of the creatures scales to the location, not the player’s level, so if you outlevel an area the monsters won’t suddenly grow in power to match you.

Undead Champions have been given a host of new Champion Powers that you will only see if facing off against a Champion or Ancient King version of the monster. Some of these are rather brutal and adventurers heading into crypts need to be prepared for anything.


Two important features have been added regarding dungeon doors: the ability for monsters to open them, and the ability for players to spike them shut.

Door Spikes are new items that allow you to close a door and spike it shut, forcing monsters to break the door down to get through. Spiked doors appear with a lock symbol on them, and when attacked by monsters they will shake and show damage numbers as any other object would. Door spikes vary in the amount of damage they can withstand, look for higher level spikes in more dangerous dungeons of the world.

Monsters may now open doors. When a monster is actively chasing you, it may find that the quickest path to your location is through a doorway you may not have opened yet. Even worse, ranged monsters fleeing from you might step into a room that you weren’t ready to open!

Chest of Exiled Champions

New to 1.5, Chests of Exiled Champions are caches of powerful treasure that may appear in any Dungeon map. Brave Dungeonmens who want a shot at exceedingly rare loot may dare to challenge these chests at their own peril!


  • Blueprint turn-in crash fixed.
  • Occasional crash heading down to a new floor fixed. This was caused by bad stair placement.
  • Fortify Weapon/Armor scrolls now provide the correct tier of bonus.
  • Searing Ray targeting should no longer break.
  • Teleport traps have new and easier to see art.
  • When stepping on a teleport trap, any loot on the trap will be picked up first.
  • Resource on kill weapon powers have been tuned down.
  • Gender properly saves for player heroes.
  • He/His in Quick Dash now changes based on player gender.
  • Fix for Bandit type champions only acting every other turn.
  • Fix for particle FX that were flying off to the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Unique boss music has been added to Warlord encounters.
  • New music has been added for Temple and Crypt boss fights.




Aug 122014

Early Access 1.4.1 Patch Notes

This build is mainly a bugfix build, as there isn’t quite enough new content ready to justify a full increment. There are some improvements of note as well.

Overworld Map Tracking

  • Dungeons in the overworld now have indicators that indicate if they have been cleared, are in-progress, or have the ghost of a previous Dungeonmans still inside.
  • The numbering system for the Overworld Map has changed so that the locations are listed by order of distance from the player instead of distance from the Academy.
  • Dungeon Cleared status is properly reset upon hero death.

Trivial Dungeons, Take 4

A trivial, standard dungeon that has never been entered by the current hero will now remain closed to that hero. In exchange, you’re given the option of just auto-looting it, effectively fast forwarding past the grind and giving you some coin and loot. If the dungeon contains pyres of fallen heroes, you will have access to those as well.

Special Dungeon Rooms

  • Dungeon rooms with wood floors, specifically the Library and Hive of Savings, now draw correctly.
  • Special and secret dungeon rooms should no longer occasionally overlap with one another.
  • Dungeon floor entrances should no longer spawn in secret rooms. For reals.