Aug 122014

Early Access 1.4.1 Patch Notes

This build is mainly a bugfix build, as there isn’t quite enough new content ready to justify a full increment. There are some improvements of note as well.

Overworld Map Tracking

  • Dungeons in the overworld now have indicators that indicate if they have been cleared, are in-progress, or have the ghost of a previous Dungeonmans still inside.
  • The numbering system for the Overworld Map has changed so that the locations are listed by order of distance from the player instead of distance from the Academy.
  • Dungeon Cleared status is properly reset upon hero death.

Trivial Dungeons, Take 4

A trivial, standard dungeon that has never been entered by the current hero will now remain closed to that hero. In exchange, you’re given the option of just auto-looting it, effectively fast forwarding past the grind and giving you some coin and loot. If the dungeon contains pyres of fallen heroes, you will have access to those as well.

Special Dungeon Rooms

  • Dungeon rooms with wood floors, specifically the Library and Hive of Savings, now draw correctly.
  • Special and secret dungeon rooms should no longer occasionally overlap with one another.
  • Dungeon floor entrances should no longer spawn in secret rooms. For reals.

  One Response to “Early Access Build 1.4.1 Patch Notes”

  1. A future addition I’d like to see is quests assigned by towns. I’ve noticed that the town structure is only 3 stores and the Mayor. If I remember correctly the 2009 alpha builds contains a tavern in the towns which could assign quests, this could be moved over to the mayor.



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