Jul 292014

Temple Traplords

Waiting at the inner sanctum of Temple maps is an encounter with a Temple Traplord. Surrounded by whirling blades, vicious spikes, and rotating pillars of flame, the Traplords are said to be completely invincible, unable to be scratched by even the strongest Dungeonmans. Could this be true?

Masters Program: Grimdark Darkmans!

The first Masters Program is in game! Once unlocked by a Dungeonmans that learns the correct masteries, a Masters Program offers new and powerful skills accessible to any future graduate starting at level 9. The Grimdark Darkmans is a ruthless engine of war, and also a vessel of the most empty and black darkest grim grimness. Puppies and children will starve while your favorite characters are killed at their weddings! So grim!

New Backer Weapons

  • The Lionsword: full of courage and fury, bolstering the power of some Sword and Board skills.
  • Anavrin: ostentatious, flamboyant and full of potential, but doomed to never land a hit.
  • Yoyogod’s Sturdy Banjo: The blood-soaked companion of a Dungeonmans great at fighting but terrible at playing the banjo.
  • The Hexblade: A machined artifact of war, full of Science– perhaps too much Science?

New Monsters

  • Carpenter Bee: This mid-game antagonist loves nothing more than fortifying their position with hand-crafted wooden barricades.
  • White Triger Duke: Triger nobility? Oh dear.

New Feature: Overworld Regeneration

The Academy Headmaster now offers the option of creating a brand new randomized overworld while keeping the Academy intact. You’ll lose whatever progress you’ve made in the various towns and dungeons of your world, but will have a brand new map to explore and plunder.

Balance Changes

  • Standard dungeon layouts have been shrunk (again!) and are usually 4 floors, with the occasional 5th.
  • Dread Satellites no longer shoot Bolts of Doom all the time.
  • Lava Lance gets less bonus damage from Spellpower.
  • Enemies have a basic understanding of spike traps and will try to avoid standing in them, usually.
  • The second tier power in every Mastery now requires level 3, and the third tier level 6. This will not affect existing characters.


  • Buff Swap and Big Bamf won’t cause crashes in the overworld.
  • Power tooltips should clearly display required level if you aren’t there yet.
  • Fixed bug that let enemies counterattack arrows or spells when they should be countering melee parries only.
  • Fixed bug with wrong tooltip being displayed when the masteries panel is open and you’re mousing over a hotbar slot.
  • Prevented monsters from attacking obstacles they created.
  • Prevented monsters from attacking F Bombs.
  • Fixed bug with measuring Spellpower and calculating character stats.
  • Fixed bug where ranged weapon comparisons weren’t working correctly.
  • Fixed major bug that prevented items from granting the player additional powers.
  • Monsters who can Counterattack now have an indicator over their heads displaying this ability. Attack at your own peril!
  • Dungeon Pools have new art.
  • Treasure chests have new art, *and* toss loot everywhere when opened.


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