Jul 152014

Dungeonmans Early Access build 1.3 is available now!

Hats and Gloves
* Items have been added to the game that can be worn in your head slot, and hand slot.
* Hats and Gloves do *not* count as any particular Armor type. There are no restrictions to wearing these items.
* They do not (in most cases) provide Armor or Dodge.
* Gloves are designed to help you hit harder. They can give additional Spellpower, Armor Penetration, or Defeat Parry and Block.
* Hats are designed to support you in combat. They can lower the cost of spells, powers, and increase your base health.

Power Modifying Items
* Tech has been introduced that allows items and status effects to change the way your powers work.
* This build has three such items, gloves that modify the behaviors of Bolt of Foom and Power Drive.
* This will be a pretty important part of late game content, as it will allow for power progression outside of leveling up.

Temple Dungeons
* Temples are massive dungeons built on one floor, full of traps and an extra helping of treasure.
* Work your way around the outside ring to find the Temple Guardian and defeat them to access the inner sanctum, an area two levels higher in difficulty.
* Temples contain traps which hurt both you and your enemies. Currently there are two trap types with more in the works.
* There are lots of nooks and crannies in Temples, all of them full of Treasure Chests. Explore!
* Temple bosses aren’t functional yet, but there is a reward for reaching the center of a Temple.

Fallen Dungeonmens
* You should be able to find the pyres of dead Dungeonmens in every dungeon location now.
* More than one pyre will be available in a given dungeon floor if you have multiple deaths there.
* Every dead Dungeonmans should be recoverable! If you find this is not the case, please let me know what the circumstances are.

Ice Blocks
* Conjure Ice Block now conjures a cross-shaped collection of ice blocks! Blocking enemy advances will be much easier.
* Enemies can now attack Ice Blocks and other obstacles in an effort to get through to you.

Other Changes
* Fix for certain Dungeonmans grave monuments not drawing correctly, and ghosts not drawing correctly.
* Barricades no longer bleed, and shooting them with arrows doesn’t cause the arrow to fly off into 0,0.
* Crash from Big Bamf in overworld fixed.
* Lots of little fiddly edge cases and typos fixed.


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