Jul 012014

Armory Crafting
* Blueprints for randomly generated weapons will sometimes be dropped by powerful enemies. Taking these back to the Academy will unlock them for construction at the Armory. Recipes are permanent once learned.
* The items are designed to be a step between tiers, slightly more powerful than regular magic items of a given tier but still outclassed by magic items of the next tier.
* This feature is being closely watched! Your feedback is very important.

Town Shops
* New variations on shops have been added to towns. Expanded weapons, armor, and even some rarer class-specific shops. This is still a work in progress.
* Items purchased from a vendor are Store-bought and will produce much less metal when melted at the Armory.

Champions and Bosses
* Enemy Champions have been tuned down from 1.1
* Villain Cloud and Slowing Strike have been pulled from champions.
* Warlord Harrier burst damage from stealth has been reduced by 150%

Temple Dungeon and Traps
* Much work went into these but they’re not ready for delivery yet. Expect them in 1.3.

Bug Fixes
* All Scorpomanser and Smokestalker gear should be storable in the Wargear Vault.
* Took a swing at fixing crashes on alt-tab or minimizing the window.
* Fixed various edge case crashes involving Wheel of Pain.
* Other minor bug fixes here and there.

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  1. Great Work… any chance you could post this into the news feeds at Steam? I think my game just updated to this version through Steam – but had to come here to get the skinny 🙂

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