Jun 162014

Lots of bug fixes, balance changes, big changes for the Necromanser, and some new monster tricks await you! Here are the patch notes. As a reminder,

This build will require you to begin a new Academy!

Crash Fixes

  • Dying while bleeding or poisoned.
  • Polearms attacking off the edge of the map.

Save Corruption Fixes

  • Attempted fix for crashing while writing out map or save data.
  • Fix for Academy and World corruption based on switching between save files.

Bug Fixes

  • Status effect particles should display on monsters once they enter LOS if they cast the effect while outside of LOS.
  • Particles should stick with the player on stair transition.
  • Banner effects no longer persist forever on stair transition.
  • Inventory no longer shuffles on first sale or purchase.
  • Polearm attacks now only extend two tiles, no sneaking in that third tile.
  • Wandering Monsters now continue to spawn after loading a save file.
  • Dungeons should no longer spawn inside of mountains.
  • You can no longer accidentally pass your turn while targeting a ranged attack or special power.
  • Proofs of Stremf no longer cap at 255.
  • Vault Storage works correctly.

Quick ID

Shift-click (or press shift-enter on) an unidentified item in your inventory to automatically spend a Scroll of Identification on it.


In your save folder (users/[you]/appdata/roaming/Dungeonmans) you’ll find keybinds.txt, with instructions on how to bind keys to do whatever you like. There is no ingame UI for this yet.


  • Added the Brigand Tricksonometrix, a shifty villainess who uses deception and misdirection to support her criminal allies.
  • Reduced the regen value on the Triger’s Roar.


  • From level 4 and up, enemy Champions have an increased health pool.
  • Champions will, in nearly all cases, scale up to the level of the player if they are not there already.
  • Some monsters now have additional powers they receive if they are promoted to Champions, Bosses, or Ancient Kings. Eventually this will extend to all monsters, but not yet.
  • Champions will now only drop one Proof of Stremf regardless of level. Higher level Champions now have an increased chance to drop better loot.

General Perk / Power Balance


  • Mana now regenerates a fixed percentage per tick, and at a slower rate.
  • Mad Thirsty has been adjusted to allow for one extra potion per round. I should probably mention that in the power description.
  • Foomsplosion has a faster cast animation and will now hit each tile in a 3×3 area exactly one time. Tiles out of LOS will not be hit.
  • Drink the Typhoon fires half as many attacks as before. It will still hit creatures out of LOS, for now.


  • Banner of the Tide Turned now only restores resources on attacks, just like the tooltip says.
  • All other Banners save Septentrion Cross have had their durations increased to 20 rounds, and in some cases their ranges may have been increased.



  • Manabones has been changed to give you a one-round shield that reduces damage taken by 50%.
  • Deathcharged is a new passive that gives you a 20% bonus to damage on the round following a round where you pick up a Deadpulse.
  • Detonate Deadpulse may now cause hilarious chain reactions.
  • Freeze Hatred now is limited to one Hateglacier at a time. The Hateglacier now scales with your level and will hit harder as you level up.
  • Conjure Gravemooks now creates more skeletons. They will decay after 2d4+20 rounds.



  • Vanish and Hero Cloud have been removed from the tree. They will return in a different format later.
  • Big Bamf is a controlled teleport that will Pin and Addle enemies near your original location. This power causes you to become Unstable, and prevents the re-use of that power until the condition passes.
  • Gift Exchange swaps all buffs and debuffs on you with those on a different creature.


  3 Responses to “Early Access build 1.1 Available Now!”

  1. Wow! My friend showed me this game and I just cant stop playing it! Kudos to making such a fun roguelike.

  2. I shall have to see about the Banner of Hatred now that I can’t run around with 10+ Hateglaciers.

  3. Hey! I’m a Kickstarter backer of yours from way back when, and I just got into this newest build on steam. I gotta say, it is AWESOME! I love the necromanser changes and the work you have done with the academy forge/blacksmith in particular. You are doing killer work on this game, I can’t wait for more updates!

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