Apr 252016

Ironmans Mode!

Veteran players with something to prove can now start new Academies in Ironmans Mode. What does that mean? The Academy is a ruin! Nearly all of the Academy Items are useless, and you have no access to any of the Academy NPCs. However, Proofs of Stremf are still valuable, and there may be other secret Ironmans-only boons out there to be discovered. When your Ironmans hero dies, the entire overworld is forever destroyed. There is no progression from one Ironmans hero to the next. 

Ironmans isn’t for everyone, it’s a different game without the Academy and not necessarily a better one. But people have asked for this challenge and I’m happy to provide it. Good luck!

New Legendary Gear!

8 new weapons, 8 new pieces of armor, and a shiny new ring. Each of these unique, named items has exceptional functionality and in some cases all new art. Some of these items are mid-range legendaries that will show up starting around level 5. Also there’s a hammer which is actually just a giant stone fist.

Medium Armor

Medium Armor needed a little love to increase the mobility and flexibility aspect of the style. Having high dodge is great, but it’s also nice to be able to stay out of trouble entirely.

  • Quick Dash has been adjusted to allow for one extra tile of movement for every point of Strain applied to it. For example, your first Quick Dash can move you up to two tiles away, at which point the power is Strained and costs 2x Stamina to use. If you use it again, you may move up to three tiles away, and the cost will increase to 3x, and so on up to 5x range/cost. Once Strain clears from the power, the range resets.
  • Quick Dash also grants you one round of the Arrow Time buff, allowing you to deflect ranged attacks that you dodge back to the attacker.
  • The Arrow Time power has been redesigned as Ready For Anything. It still allows you to deflect ranged attacks with the Arrow Time buff, but if you are forcibly moved during the duration of the buff, the strain on your movement powers is immediately cleared. Those include Stick and Move, Shield Rush, Storm Driver, Dashing Charge, Seize Opportunity, and the Unstable Effect debuff will be removed.


Monster Balance

Monsters level 10 and up have been rebala– they’ve been nerfed. They simply won’t hit as hard, although their health pools remain the same. In short, they damage output for late game creatures was balanced around bad data, and this resulted in a number of relatively unfair deaths for players. It’s not right to get one-shot in an Adventurous dungeon.

Volatile Liquidity

Corrected to actually take an action to cast. Mostlies created by the toxin are now Barely Mostlies, which shamble around at full speed for 5 rounds before being destroyed. It’s fun for a little while to have a big cloud of Mostlies following you, but when it quickly becomes the only way to play Necromanser, the fun wears off. Volatile Liquidity is still a powerful curse, so use it often!

Bug Fixes

  • Camps now properly appear on the Overworld again.
  • Fallen Castles will properly remove trees that get in the way of your exploration.
  • You can choose your own Academy name at creation again. Sorry about that.


A New Bee

There is a new bee.

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