Jan 102013

Since the last dev update, work has indeed continued on the implementation of the power system. I had a bit of a eureka moment earlier in the week which required a touch of refactoring but will end up making it much easier to do more permanent area effects, like a lake of fire or teleportation wall. I’m excited to have more to show there.

Greenlight trucks along, and I’m always happy to see a new comment, even the critical ones. While I can’t get much use out of “This game is fail” there’s been plenty of comments that help me see places where the game, or more accurately the Greenlight presentation of the game, falls short. The game is ever improving behind the scenes, and I need to make sure to keep the Greenlight up to date.

In other news, the Dungeonmans Development Headquarters Castle is making a cross country move in a couple of weeks, so development is not quite running at full speed. Preparations for that take up some time; can’t really code while packing boxes and hauling things, but the tile like array of packed goods does inspire dungeon based thinking while working.

I’d like to show off a couple of screenshots in the mean time. Here’s a first pass at a new dungeon style, an underground labyrinth walled by stone etchings and ancient shapes. I’m worried that the floor doesn’t contrast enough with the walls and blocked areas, but we’ll see.

Here’s an example of one of the desert cities. Adobe style huts and waving trees line stone streets, leading the way to… a tremor wurm ranch? Who in their right mind would ranch tremor wurms? Soon we shall find out!

Finally, here’s a showcase of work from the most excellent Westly LaFleur, who has created a great number of the character sprites on display in the screenshots and Greenlight video. You can see a number of different character appearances, shapes, and sizes; some truly creative work that has tightened in focus over time to really bring home the heroic Dungeonmans style. Click on the image to see the rest of Westly’s portfolio!

This is where I recommend you stay tuned for next week’s exciting update, but it may actually just be pictures of boxes. Boxes full of loot!

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  1. Talking about the visuals, will you be doing an update looking at the UI?

    • Absolutely. You can see in the video some places where the UI is still black boxes with white outlines. The ultimate goal is a clean and friendly UI that is 100% accessible via keyboard, mouse, or both. To be clear, that means you can play the entire game without touching the mouse, or without using any keybinds.

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