Dungeonmans Closed Alpha


Dungeonmans Closed Alpha is scheduled to begin on January 27th!

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How do I get in the Alpha? Maybe I’m already in the Alpha?

Backers who funded the game through Kickstarter or here on the website at the Digital Frontiersman or higher level are in the Alpha. If you’d like to back the game, check out this link here!


What’s in the Alpha that wasn’t in the Summer Preview?

Lots! But here’s some key points, and I’ll update this list from time to time.

  •  * New UI, support for mouse, keyboard and gamepad.
  •  * New Classes: Bannermans and Southern Gentlemans. The Bannermans is in a better state than the Southern Gentlemans.
  •  * New Armor Masteries: Now broken into Light, Medium, and Real, each armor style proposes a different style of play.
  •  * Swamp Dungeon, new layouts, monsters, challenges, and eventually new loot.
  •  * Bugs everywhere, just for you.


I backed the game at a different level but I want to get in the Alpha, how do I pay the difference?

Contact me directly, jim@dungeonmans.com. Add something in the subject about this, and we’ll work it out.


$40.00 for an Alpha are you out of your mind?

Generous backer support is what made Dungeonmans possible, and that’s the tier that Alpha access was set at. As the game approaches release and we move to Beta, the cost will go down. Don’t forget that the Digital Frontiersman tier includes the Dungeonmans Almanac PDF (when released) and a digital version of the Dungeonmans Soundtrack!


Where do I download the Alpha from?

On release day, Alpha backers will be contacted directly with that information.


How often will the Alpha be updated?

I can’t set it in stone, but I’d like to shoot for a cadence of every two weeks, more if there’s critical game-ruining bugs. I can’t keep up a full release schedule like I did for the Summer Preview, because that takes away from general development time and the game still needs to be finished.


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  2. Hi there, I’ve been addicted to the pre-alpha Dungeonmans for some time now… I was just wondering if it would still be possible to get the alpha even though I didn’t back the project? I didn’t know there was such a thing, sorry 🙁 Also, is it just me or have the graphics changed a load in the alpha?

    • Hi Lars! Yes the graphics have changed a mighty load since the Summer Preview. Thanks to the Kickstarter I was able to get some top-shelf sprite work done for the game, and there’s still more coming in all the time. If you’d like to back the project and get up into the Alpha, you can check it out here: http://www.dungeonmans.com/?page_id=362


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