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Dungeonmans is a grand adventure filled with heroic monster crushing action! Primarily, it is a Roguelike, a genre of dungeon crawler with unique sensibilities:

* Randomly generated content: Dungeons that are different every time you play, mysterious unidentified items that you discover through trial and error, and constant surprises to keep you on your toes.

* Turn based action: Monsters only act after you do, giving the player time to evaluate every option between moves. Plan ahead, take careful stock of your abilities, and execute masterful moves that keep the monsters crushed and your hero alive.

* Permanent Death: Heroes have but one life to give! Death is final, there’s no respawning and no reloading. Danger lurks around every corner and the monsters play to win. Be careful, cautious, and on guard.

* Secrets everywhere: Roguelikes are notorious for hidden endings, special events, and secret knowledge. Dungeonmans is no different.

The Overworld

Dungeonmans takes place on a continent of forgotten legend, generated just for you at the start of your campaign. As you travel over forest and river, hill and dale, you’ll discover increasingly dangerous locales full of monsters and treasure. Small villages of courageous settlers trying to make their way in the wild, as well as strange native races to make contact with.

Adventure is wild and varied: sometimes you’ll set out with a destination in mind, only to discover something else along the way. Discover old hermits hiding in the woods, bold brigands demanding tribute on a road, and forgotten temples to ancient powers that may or may not still be present.

The Academy

Heroes begin their adventures at the Academy, which begins as a humble institution of learning but can grow and thrive according to your actions. You will discover old texts, artifacts, and other useful items that can be brought back to the academy to help it expand and deepen. When your hero dies, your next hero has the option of using this new knowledge, getting a head start in the world. Maybe you’ll have a couple of extra points in that Mastery you’re fond of, or advance knowledge of what potions do what. The Academy is the fount of all adventure, as well as the reminder of your great deeds.

The Campaign

When a hero dies, the world changes. First of all, the monster who landed the killing blow is hailed as a mighty hero, and founds himself a lair. All sorts of bad guys will flock to the banner of someone who felled a real Dungeonmans, so right away you’ve got a target on your Asses to Kick list. When your new hero steps forth, the dungeons of the world reset, but the townsfolk and other friendly people you’ve met will remember the impact of Dungeonmens past. The map you’ve made of the Overworld is passed down from hero to hero, so you can continue to explore. If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon the ghost of a felled Dungeonmans, and be given the chance to avenge him!

Free Form Class Creation

Starting Dungeonmens (and Lady Dungeonmens) leave the academy with their choice of starter training: small kits that give you the ground work for the way you want to fight. Maybe you took a major in Applied Wizardry, perhaps you studied Crushology or Combat Kinetics. Regardless, from the moment you step out, the rest is up to you. You can mix and match whatever powers you can find. Build a brawler with a bigass axe and a healthy knowledge of Cryoscience. Master the bow and arrow, with a little bit of Necromansy and Tricksonometry to keep the enemies busy while you feather them mercilessly. You can specialize deeply if you want, focusing on a specific set of powers and achieving true grand mastery. Your call, and you’ll have plenty of chances to try new builds as the Academy Memorial Graveyard continues to fill.

Heroic Combat

Combat in Dungeonmans is tactical and active. All different masteries give your Dungeonmans powers that change the battlefield. Mobility is important, and getting the drop on enemies matters just as much as getting out of trouble when you’re surrounded. In the beginning, it might be safe to just hang out in a doorway and clear monsters as they come by, but that won’t last for too long. Even melee characters have active abilities that go beyond the simple auto attack. Stay on your toes, line up perfect shots, and unleash tremendous damage with the end of a blade or a ball of raging foom.

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