Dec 212012

Dungeonmans: The Heroic Adventure Roguelike

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* Explore deep dungeons, crumbling ruins, ancient temples, and twisted monuments to villainy, all tied together in a persistent overworld.

* Heroic combat that emphasizes positioning and tactics, rewarding smart use of powers and abilities to help your Dungeonmans win battles against tremendous foes.

* Grow your Dungeonmans Academy, where the knowledge from fallen heroes lives on! Give your new heroes a head start on your campaign to conquer the land.

* Free-form character creation
with a myriad of perks and masteries to choose from. Gain new knowledge as you explore, earned from both experience and troves of ancient lore found in the wild.


Dungeonmans is here and destined to conquer Steam! Do your part in helping get this tale of grand adventure out to the masses.

Vote for Dungeonmans on Steam Greenlight today!

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