Aug 082013

The Dungeonmans Kickstarter Campaign was a success!

The goal was set at 35k, final tally 43k and change. Outstanding! For a full post-victory write up, check it out here:

Dungeonmans Build 1.08 went live today, follow the link to grab the latest version and read the patch notes.

This is the last update for the Summer Preview. It will remain free and available here on, as a thank you for everyone who helped make the game possible. Now it’s time to get back to work on full development.

Paypal Support?

Coming right up! Now that the build is squared away and things have settled down, I’ll put up some Paypal options for people who want to support the project or get into the Alpha or Beta.

Let’s stay in touch!

While I’ll continue to update this site with Development Updates and other important news, you can catch more information through the Dungeonmans twitter or FB page:

Twitter: @Dungeonmans
Dungeonmans on Facebook

  One Response to “Dev Update 24: Victory for the Academy!”

  1. I helped pitch in for the kickstarter $10 and I am looking forwards to playing a more final product or even helping with Alpha/Beta testing. For now though I can’t seem to get the game to run. I installed XNA framework microsoft package that you linked me and it still does not seem to want to run.

    Here is some background on my computer if it is helpful.

    Windows 8 Operating system
    AMD 6 core processor
    4 GB of memory
    SSD primary hard drive, I doubt it matters though.
    Asus STX audio card
    Radeon 8570 video card

    I think that is most of it. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to play this.

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