Aug 152013

Mouse-based control for Dungeonmans is coming into shape. This won’t be the quickest of tasks but it’s coming along. I was able to put some of it together on today’s developement stream but a sudden bluescreen cut that short. When more features are in place, I’ll put together a video.

Movement is super important in Dungeonmans, and careless steps can cost you dearly. The keyboard is the superior input device when it comes to precise tile-by-tile movement, but the mouse can do quite well. Left click is the action button. Clicking a tile adjacent to your hero will move you exactly one step, and clicking on her directly will pass her turn. If you want to move farther, hold the left button down while the cursor is farther away, and you’ll move toward it Diablo style. Movement stops immediately on damage, so you won’t accidentally step through a bunch of turns and get wrecked.

Left click also melees enemies at close range, and if you have a ranged weapon equipped you’ll be able to shoot them! That’s pretty cool right now actually, clicking enemies to blast them feels nice. You’ll also be able to click to use powers, either by clicking on a hotbar first or just pressing a hotkey to prime the power and then clicking on the target to activate.

Mouse controlled play is pretty fun to develop, and I imagine that fun will dry up once I get into coordinating the mouse with the UI. Remember, the goal is that you can play the entire game without touching the keyboard. I imagine for most people it’ll be a mix of both, but we’ll see how that goes.

In other news: Dungeonmans has a subreddit!

The time will come one day (perhaps around Alpha) to set up a forum, but in the mean time here’s a great place to talk about builds, ask questions, and just Dungeonmans it up. Check it out!


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