Dec 272013


As promised, Dungeonmans development is powering along with blistering speed and unstoppable force, much like an angry freight train racing through traffic to catch the last train to the freight train convention. Everyone knows better than to mess with the FreyTreyCon crowd.

New Forest Tileset!

You are not prepared!



I can’t believe how awesome that set turned out, and it’s still a WIP as there’s new barrels, camp props, and banners that need to get into place. It’s ok if you need a minute, I could barely handle it either.

Monster WIP!

The dreaded Beeholder arrives to stalk hopeless Dungeonmens through whatever evil hive they infest.

Swamp Dungeon WIP

I’ve spent the last couple of days getting a Swamp Dungeon style in place. All the art right now is placeholder, but the combat and layouts are getting there. The idea is to provide a mid-game area with the same sort of open feel as the Scrobold Warrens but with an additional layer of tactical complexity. Swamp tiles will ask players to make different choices in movement and positioning. While the tiles themselves don’t do any direct harm, they are home to new monsters that have an advantage in the disgusting murk. Traveling through swamp tiles might mean encountering swarms of swift, biting snakes, while staying out of the water makes it impossible to reach the Spitting Swamp Serpents who harry you from the coasts.


I just want to blow up monsters.

[youtube id=”whmCaChNoho”]


Thank you!

Drop some comments up in here, what do you think of all this? Remember, I’ve got Jeramy right here behind me for the next few days so if you’ve got burning art questions they can be doused with a firehose of cold wet answers.


  3 Responses to “Dev Update 31: December Artsplosion”

  1. That’s a helluva lootsplosion.

  2. I’ll just leave it here to remind you about the necessity of autoexplore feature.

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