Feb 032014

The Alpha has been updated, and (over the next hour or so) Alpha backers will be notified via a series of emails, KS messages, and fastest possible birds. For the curious, the notes are below.

If you want to join the Alpha, there’s still time!


Patch Notes

Alpha 1.1 Patch!

Crash Fixes:

  • Dying in the overworld or asking the bartender for dungeon tips no longer dooms your game to endless crashing.
  • Binding a hotkey to 0 no longer crashes.
  • Rapier Wit will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Armor Racks and Bookshelves should no longer cause the occasional crash.

Bug Fixes:

  • The last two character sprites can now be properly selected.
  • Health and resource bars no longer jankily creep up the side of the inventory bar.
  • Rangermans now starts with 1 point in Medium Armor.
  • Dungeonmans class now starts with a polearm in the bag.
  • Polearms are listed as such in their item card.
  • Main menu options page works– help button not so much.
  • Light Shield and Flux Shield draw in the correct position on the sprite.

UI Improvements:

  • Mouse/Skill/Hotbar use all significantly improved. Binding to the hotbar should feel much more natural via mouse or keyboard.
  • More icons and proper tooltips added for masteries.
  • Some powers that let you target an empty square no longer let you do so. These are powers like Shield Rush and Lightspear, which have no benefit when not cast on a target.
  • The map now draws over other UI elements.
  • The Masteries panel now shows you how many points you have remaining.
  • The Skill selection panel now shows you what your weapon/armor loadout grants you, and powers you cannot use are listed as greyed out in the panel.
  • Skills in your hotbar that you can’t use due to your loadout will be greyed out as well.
  • Use-item-on-item interface improved.

All Mana Using Classes:

  • Picking a class with a manapool (such as Necromanser or Bannermans) and taking the first point in Applied Wizardry will now result in a 20% bonus to your maximum mana. Previously, the Wizardry pick was just a wasted point.


  • Lightspear is no longer an unstoppable ray of destruction. Will probably still ruin all scrobolds though.
  • Added proper information for Banner of the Fallen Tower and Banner of the Cowardly Shadow.


  • Raise a Monstly has changed. You may now only have 1 Mostly in the field at a time. When your Mostly dies or is replaced, it explodes in a cloud of poison that damages enemies nearby. Group your enemies correctly and use those horrid Mostlies as poison bombs!

Still Broken

  • Towns and shops
  • Road, field, and badlands battles
  • The purpleonian wastes and The Dread Spire
  • Graveyards
  • Caves
  • Academy Armory
  • Academy Museum (“True Things About _______” books)

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