Apr 142014

I’m happy to announce that the Dungeonmans Early Access program has begun! Buy in to Early Access at a new, lower price and get to playing instantly:

Whoops: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to grab the XNA 4.0 binaries! Dungeonmans needs those, the installer with the binaries will be up shortly!


Jump into the Alpha 2.0 (Balpha!) build and see for yourself all the exciting changes that have gone in since the Summer Preview:

  • New Classes: Control the battlefield as a stalwart Bannermans or raise hell with the Southern Gentlemans’ frantic temper tantrums!
  • 30+ New Skills: Both new classes bring three distinct masteries to mix and match, as well as an all new Armor mastery collection.
  • New Dungeon Styles: Explore twisting, dripping Swamp dungeons and raid fast-action Towers for their huge treasure vaults and Warlord bosses.
  • Expanded Academy Features: See WIP versions of the Academy Armory and Museum and help shape them with your feedback.
  • All New UI with full Mouse and Keyboard support:  Like the mouse? Use the mouse! Hate mice? Go keyboard only, it still works.
  • Brand New Art: Every environment, monster and hero has been overhauled, with more new art on the way!
  • More Excellent Dungeonmans Music: Five brand new tracks and extended versions of music from the Summer Preview.

Get in early and help guide the course of Dungeonmans. Data from every adventure and your critical feedback help fine tune the combat, masteries, layouts, and every other aspect of this in-development adventure.




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