Sep 092014

Museum Update

The Museum has entered the next phase of development!

  • Museum Layout changed to display all possible monster categories.
  • All Monster Knowledge may be collected, though not every monster will have an assigned MK category yet.
  • Museum Curator will now display all current MK levels when asked.
  • Rewards for gathering all MK have not yet been implemented.

Large Shields

The second power in the Shieldcraft mastery line has been redesigned. Now called Shield Mastery, the passive grants a number of bonuses:

  • Large Shields may be equipped. Large Shields have increased block rates and come with additional armor, but reduce your maximum stamina by 20%.
  • Makes Shield Rush hit harder.
  • High Guard counter now has intelligent 1-tile knockback.
  • Polearms may be equipped with Shields.
  • Gain the Bulwark passive, where every round spent in the same tile adds a 3% bonus to your block score.

Cone powers

Break the Line and Bees Please have been modified so that the first line of targeted tiles is three wide instead of one. The length of the cones remains the same, but they have been widened.

Combat Log Font Size

You can change it in the options now.

Overworld Encounters

  • Random encounters now drop appropriate loot for their difficulty. Better stuff in the deeper wilds!
  • The monster displayed in random encounter dialogs is now picked from the actual encounter table, rather than a static list.

Unfinished Work

  • Mercenary Contracts are not available as loot drops yet.
  • Roadblocks still don’t scale correctly. Almost there!


  • Fixed some sounds for orc behemoth
  • Removed orc behemoth slow
  • Fixed breakables not taking one turn
  • Objects with a self-decay timer now display a countdown as they approach removal.
  • Enemy buffs should no longer affect inanimate objects


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