Sep 162014

Hey Dungeonfans,

Since the very first time Dungeonmans was available to the public in 2010, I’ve done my best to engage with every player who wants to engagem talking about the game, development, and basically jawin’ about dungeons. With the launch of last year’s Kickstarter, I made the promise to be as transparent as possible with everyone who supported the game, and that same pledge extends to each player who shared their support with me in Early Access. The status of development must never be a mystery to people who ponied up good coin for Dungeonmans.

With that said, here’s the following bad-but-not-terrible news: I am separating from my partner and taking some time to get settled in a new location and pick the pieces back up. Normally, this sort of personal information isn’t really something I’d share, but as I explained above I feel like I owe total transparency to the people who gave me their support.

What does this mean for Dungeonmans development?

  • I won’t be actively working full time on the game for at least the next week. I’ll be spending a lot of this time traveling and we all know not to code and drive.
  • I will miss the next few live streams, at least a week’s worth.
  • 1.6 will almost certainly not be delivered next Tuesday– I’m loathe to miss the schedule, but I don’t feel like I can get the job done correctly in days to come.

Now let me be very clear on one point: Dungeonmans is NOT going into a murky, endless, development hiatus.

Working on this game is one of my great joys and work will continue once I get my shit wired and things settle down. I will do my level best to remain available for questions and conversation, both via email and twitter, while all this is going down.

Lastly, I apologize for letting this personal issue get in the way of delivering the game I owe you. The last few weeks have been a difficult period and I simply haven’t been firing on all cylinders. No doubt there are some of you who feel like you are being let down. Please contact me directly if you feel like there’s something I can do for you to make things right.

  4 Responses to “Development Update 16 September 2014”

  1. I’m really sorry you’re having to go through this Jim, take all the time you need for your mental health – that’s the most important thing here. The game is already tons of fun, and while I’m glad that you enjoy developing it for all us backers/fans, a little break certainly isn’t going to hurt anything on my end.

  2. Best of luck on turning the page. Most of us have been there and done that.
    Great game, we will wait……

  3. Good luck and hope everythings sorts out for the best. Im sure we all understand and i for one really love the game and have no fear of it turning into Duke Nukem status

  4. Just bought Dungeonmans on Steam and loving it. Thanks for being up front about the delay and keeping us in the loop. If we early accessers didn’t believe the game would ever be finished, we wouldn’t have payed the money to buy it. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be waiting patiently for the next update, but in the meantime take the time you need to rest.

    Best to ya!

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