Sep 302014

Thank you for your patience over the last two weeks. I’m ready to pick things back up and get to work. Proof of such is below: today’s new build!

New Town Layouts

  • Towns now have randomized layouts and additional shops. A few new variant shop layouts were added, and in general most shops should be physically smaller and easier to navigate.
  • The Inn has returned! While not fully functional yet, you can now get a night of rest at an Inn and be granted an XP bonus that should last until your next dungeon or so. Probably too long!

Spiral Dungeon Floors

  • Rarely, and in more difficult dungeons, you may encounter a floor that is a concentric maze, with twisting narrow hallways, multiple side doors, and a great deal of treasure.
  • The floors are large, perhaps too large. If you encounter one please send in feedback after (if?) you make it to the center stairwell.
  • In future builds, there will likely be an Ancient King stationed at the center.

Two New Hero Sprites

Introducing Cham and The Duelist, two new Lady Dungeonmens ready to dive into adventure and get slaughtered like everyone else.

Engine Work: Item Save Data

I’m testing out a new method of loading and saving item data that should allow for any item version to be loaded, even ones from saves before Early Access started! If this proves effective I’ll be using this same concept

Engine Work: Post-Game Dungeon

There is nothing player-accessible yet, but more work has been done on creating  a post game experience that will scale far past the level cap and provide super crunchy monster crushing for the dedicated dungeon delver.


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  1. I’m super excited for the new lady dungeonmen!

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