Oct 282014

Build numbers are for boring people! Check out the patch notes for today’s new build.

New Dread Spire Under Construction

The Dread Spire has changed from a single huge map to a hub and spoke system with smaller maps and handcrafted themed boss floors. The majority of the dungeon is unfinished, though you can encounter many of the new and upgraded enemy types:

  • New: Ascended Cavalier
  • New: Ironbound Foomcrawler
  • Evolved: Cultist Theurge, Cultist Annihlator, Cultist Titan

The final boss encounter is CLOSED and unavailable for the time being, but if you’re a high level Dungeonmans and want to help me out, kick the tires in the new final dungeon and let me know what you think.

Please note that the numbers for these high end monsters have not yet been tuned, but the Cavalier and Foomcrawler can do upwards of 500 damage (before armor) on special attacks, so step lively.

If you are loading a save from a previous build, you’ll need to visit the Headmaster and reshuffle your Overworld to have the Dread Spire work correctly.

Character Sheet Overhaul and Stat Changes

Pressing SPACE will open a full detail character sheet with all gameplay stats as well as a description of each of their effects. If there’s anything there that is unclear, please let me know!

Ranged, Melee and Spell Hit have been merged into a single Hit value.

Elemental Resists have changed to use ratings rather than raw percentages on gear. You can still use scrolls of resistance that give you a flat temporary bonus while in tight spots.


Add your own images to the game’s collection of selectable hero sprites! For instructions and examples, head to your Steam install folder and look for “\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeonmans\how to use heroskins\”

Deadpulses and Special Enemies

The Manabones skill in The Terrible Basics of Necromansy will occasionally cause Champion, Boss and Ancient King monsters to spawn Deadpulses when hit, even if they don’t die from the attack.

Bug Fixes

  • King of Thieves now drops stolen gear on death.
  • Blueprints work again!
  • Temple Traplords are now working correctly.
  • Teleport traps no longer spawn on stairwells.
  • Take Them With You! Now works correctly.

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