Nov 202014


With less than three weeks until the official ship date (gulp), I’m changing the official Every Two Weeks build update process to this new one: Builds Whenever.

There will be far more builds, published when I feel like it, in order to get quicker feedback on final polish, balance, and the upcoming Challenge Dungeons. Yeah!

Anyway, new build out. Tons of bug fixes, new sounds, and…

Challenge Dungeons?

Not available in game just yet, but shortly. Sorry to tease! They are small, hand-crafted dungeons focused on a single monster type. Unlock them by leveling up their Monster Knowledge, clear them for special bonuses and permanent upgrade to monster difficulty — with commensurate rewards!

King of Battle and Disintegral Calculus

They’re in and unlockable. How can you access them? Spoilers below!



Spooooilllerssszz ok here we go:

  • Disintegral Calculus is unlocked by mastering the three core Wizardmans paths: Foominology, Cryoscience, and Tricksonometry.
  • King of Battle is unlocked by mastering Shieldcraft, Real Armor, and Polearms.





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