Nov 122014

Dungeonmans, everyone’s favorite fast-paced monster crushing adventure roguelike, will launch the first release version on December 9th 2014!

Can’t wait? Grab it right now via Early Access on Steam

  • Turn based, old school Roguelike adventure glistening with modern polish!
  • 60+ combat abilities to mix and match with free form class building!
  • Over 100 nasty monsters weighed down with coin and glorious loot!
  • Multiple dungeon types scattered across an expansive overworld!
  • The Dungeonmans Academy! Metagame progress for your heroes between adventures!

Dungeonmans is an epic roguelike adventure inspired by classic RPGs and dungeon crawlers. Create a unique champion and enjoy dozens of hours of tactical combat, deep character customization, and exploration of a world that is randomly-generated each time you play.

As a fresh graduate of the Dungeonmans Academy, your custom avatar will venture forth into the world, delving into dungeons, crypts, graveyards, swamps, temples, towers, and beyond. Destroy hordes of monsters, collect loot, and build your character with a selection of over 60 skills and hundreds of items. A flexible classless skill system gives you total freedom and countless ways to play. And while each hero has but one life, you will discover and collect relics, items, and knowledge that can be passed on to future characters through the Academy system.

DUNGEONMANS Kickstarter (2013):…

Music by Andrew Aversa (zircon)


Oct 282014

Build numbers are for boring people! Check out the patch notes for today’s new build.

New Dread Spire Under Construction

The Dread Spire has changed from a single huge map to a hub and spoke system with smaller maps and handcrafted themed boss floors. The majority of the dungeon is unfinished, though you can encounter many of the new and upgraded enemy types:

  • New: Ascended Cavalier
  • New: Ironbound Foomcrawler
  • Evolved: Cultist Theurge, Cultist Annihlator, Cultist Titan

The final boss encounter is CLOSED and unavailable for the time being, but if you’re a high level Dungeonmans and want to help me out, kick the tires in the new final dungeon and let me know what you think.

Please note that the numbers for these high end monsters have not yet been tuned, but the Cavalier and Foomcrawler can do upwards of 500 damage (before armor) on special attacks, so step lively.

If you are loading a save from a previous build, you’ll need to visit the Headmaster and reshuffle your Overworld to have the Dread Spire work correctly.

Character Sheet Overhaul and Stat Changes

Pressing SPACE will open a full detail character sheet with all gameplay stats as well as a description of each of their effects. If there’s anything there that is unclear, please let me know!

Ranged, Melee and Spell Hit have been merged into a single Hit value.

Elemental Resists have changed to use ratings rather than raw percentages on gear. You can still use scrolls of resistance that give you a flat temporary bonus while in tight spots.


Add your own images to the game’s collection of selectable hero sprites! For instructions and examples, head to your Steam install folder and look for “\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeonmans\how to use heroskins\”

Deadpulses and Special Enemies

The Manabones skill in The Terrible Basics of Necromansy will occasionally cause Champion, Boss and Ancient King monsters to spawn Deadpulses when hit, even if they don’t die from the attack.

Bug Fixes

  • King of Thieves now drops stolen gear on death.
  • Blueprints work again!
  • Temple Traplords are now working correctly.
  • Teleport traps no longer spawn on stairwells.
  • Take Them With You! Now works correctly.
Sep 302014

Thank you for your patience over the last two weeks. I’m ready to pick things back up and get to work. Proof of such is below: today’s new build!

New Town Layouts

  • Towns now have randomized layouts and additional shops. A few new variant shop layouts were added, and in general most shops should be physically smaller and easier to navigate.
  • The Inn has returned! While not fully functional yet, you can now get a night of rest at an Inn and be granted an XP bonus that should last until your next dungeon or so. Probably too long!

Spiral Dungeon Floors

  • Rarely, and in more difficult dungeons, you may encounter a floor that is a concentric maze, with twisting narrow hallways, multiple side doors, and a great deal of treasure.
  • The floors are large, perhaps too large. If you encounter one please send in feedback after (if?) you make it to the center stairwell.
  • In future builds, there will likely be an Ancient King stationed at the center.

Two New Hero Sprites

Introducing Cham and The Duelist, two new Lady Dungeonmens ready to dive into adventure and get slaughtered like everyone else.

Engine Work: Item Save Data

I’m testing out a new method of loading and saving item data that should allow for any item version to be loaded, even ones from saves before Early Access started! If this proves effective I’ll be using this same concept

Engine Work: Post-Game Dungeon

There is nothing player-accessible yet, but more work has been done on creating  a post game experience that will scale far past the level cap and provide super crunchy monster crushing for the dedicated dungeon delver.


Sep 162014

Hey Dungeonfans,

Since the very first time Dungeonmans was available to the public in 2010, I’ve done my best to engage with every player who wants to engagem talking about the game, development, and basically jawin’ about dungeons. With the launch of last year’s Kickstarter, I made the promise to be as transparent as possible with everyone who supported the game, and that same pledge extends to each player who shared their support with me in Early Access. The status of development must never be a mystery to people who ponied up good coin for Dungeonmans.

With that said, here’s the following bad-but-not-terrible news: I am separating from my partner and taking some time to get settled in a new location and pick the pieces back up. Normally, this sort of personal information isn’t really something I’d share, but as I explained above I feel like I owe total transparency to the people who gave me their support.

What does this mean for Dungeonmans development?

  • I won’t be actively working full time on the game for at least the next week. I’ll be spending a lot of this time traveling and we all know not to code and drive.
  • I will miss the next few live streams, at least a week’s worth.
  • 1.6 will almost certainly not be delivered next Tuesday– I’m loathe to miss the schedule, but I don’t feel like I can get the job done correctly in days to come.

Now let me be very clear on one point: Dungeonmans is NOT going into a murky, endless, development hiatus.

Working on this game is one of my great joys and work will continue once I get my shit wired and things settle down. I will do my level best to remain available for questions and conversation, both via email and twitter, while all this is going down.

Lastly, I apologize for letting this personal issue get in the way of delivering the game I owe you. The last few weeks have been a difficult period and I simply haven’t been firing on all cylinders. No doubt there are some of you who feel like you are being let down. Please contact me directly if you feel like there’s something I can do for you to make things right.

Sep 092014

Museum Update

The Museum has entered the next phase of development!

  • Museum Layout changed to display all possible monster categories.
  • All Monster Knowledge may be collected, though not every monster will have an assigned MK category yet.
  • Museum Curator will now display all current MK levels when asked.
  • Rewards for gathering all MK have not yet been implemented.

Large Shields

The second power in the Shieldcraft mastery line has been redesigned. Now called Shield Mastery, the passive grants a number of bonuses:

  • Large Shields may be equipped. Large Shields have increased block rates and come with additional armor, but reduce your maximum stamina by 20%.
  • Makes Shield Rush hit harder.
  • High Guard counter now has intelligent 1-tile knockback.
  • Polearms may be equipped with Shields.
  • Gain the Bulwark passive, where every round spent in the same tile adds a 3% bonus to your block score.

Cone powers

Break the Line and Bees Please have been modified so that the first line of targeted tiles is three wide instead of one. The length of the cones remains the same, but they have been widened.

Combat Log Font Size

You can change it in the options now.

Overworld Encounters

  • Random encounters now drop appropriate loot for their difficulty. Better stuff in the deeper wilds!
  • The monster displayed in random encounter dialogs is now picked from the actual encounter table, rather than a static list.

Unfinished Work

  • Mercenary Contracts are not available as loot drops yet.
  • Roadblocks still don’t scale correctly. Almost there!


  • Fixed some sounds for orc behemoth
  • Removed orc behemoth slow
  • Fixed breakables not taking one turn
  • Objects with a self-decay timer now display a countdown as they approach removal.
  • Enemy buffs should no longer affect inanimate objects


Aug 262014


Undead monsters have undergone a complete balance pass and new variations have been added to cover the entire leveling spectrum. Previously, it was quite likely that when you entered a Crypt you’d encounter some monsters that were 5+ levels stronger than the area you were in. These unfortunate events would often lead to what was best described by an instance of player feedback: “total bullshit deaths”. I agree.

Make no mistake, Undead are still powerful enemies! But they will level and scale appropriately to the area you are in. If you are in a level 5 part of the map, you won’t see level 12 Damned Necromansers sauntering in with 300 points of cold damage every round. The power of the creatures scales to the location, not the player’s level, so if you outlevel an area the monsters won’t suddenly grow in power to match you.

Undead Champions have been given a host of new Champion Powers that you will only see if facing off against a Champion or Ancient King version of the monster. Some of these are rather brutal and adventurers heading into crypts need to be prepared for anything.


Two important features have been added regarding dungeon doors: the ability for monsters to open them, and the ability for players to spike them shut.

Door Spikes are new items that allow you to close a door and spike it shut, forcing monsters to break the door down to get through. Spiked doors appear with a lock symbol on them, and when attacked by monsters they will shake and show damage numbers as any other object would. Door spikes vary in the amount of damage they can withstand, look for higher level spikes in more dangerous dungeons of the world.

Monsters may now open doors. When a monster is actively chasing you, it may find that the quickest path to your location is through a doorway you may not have opened yet. Even worse, ranged monsters fleeing from you might step into a room that you weren’t ready to open!

Chest of Exiled Champions

New to 1.5, Chests of Exiled Champions are caches of powerful treasure that may appear in any Dungeon map. Brave Dungeonmens who want a shot at exceedingly rare loot may dare to challenge these chests at their own peril!


  • Blueprint turn-in crash fixed.
  • Occasional crash heading down to a new floor fixed. This was caused by bad stair placement.
  • Fortify Weapon/Armor scrolls now provide the correct tier of bonus.
  • Searing Ray targeting should no longer break.
  • Teleport traps have new and easier to see art.
  • When stepping on a teleport trap, any loot on the trap will be picked up first.
  • Resource on kill weapon powers have been tuned down.
  • Gender properly saves for player heroes.
  • He/His in Quick Dash now changes based on player gender.
  • Fix for Bandit type champions only acting every other turn.
  • Fix for particle FX that were flying off to the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Unique boss music has been added to Warlord encounters.
  • New music has been added for Temple and Crypt boss fights.




Aug 122014

Early Access 1.4.1 Patch Notes

This build is mainly a bugfix build, as there isn’t quite enough new content ready to justify a full increment. There are some improvements of note as well.

Overworld Map Tracking

  • Dungeons in the overworld now have indicators that indicate if they have been cleared, are in-progress, or have the ghost of a previous Dungeonmans still inside.
  • The numbering system for the Overworld Map has changed so that the locations are listed by order of distance from the player instead of distance from the Academy.
  • Dungeon Cleared status is properly reset upon hero death.

Trivial Dungeons, Take 4

A trivial, standard dungeon that has never been entered by the current hero will now remain closed to that hero. In exchange, you’re given the option of just auto-looting it, effectively fast forwarding past the grind and giving you some coin and loot. If the dungeon contains pyres of fallen heroes, you will have access to those as well.

Special Dungeon Rooms

  • Dungeon rooms with wood floors, specifically the Library and Hive of Savings, now draw correctly.
  • Special and secret dungeon rooms should no longer occasionally overlap with one another.
  • Dungeon floor entrances should no longer spawn in secret rooms. For reals.
Jul 292014

Temple Traplords

Waiting at the inner sanctum of Temple maps is an encounter with a Temple Traplord. Surrounded by whirling blades, vicious spikes, and rotating pillars of flame, the Traplords are said to be completely invincible, unable to be scratched by even the strongest Dungeonmans. Could this be true?

Masters Program: Grimdark Darkmans!

The first Masters Program is in game! Once unlocked by a Dungeonmans that learns the correct masteries, a Masters Program offers new and powerful skills accessible to any future graduate starting at level 9. The Grimdark Darkmans is a ruthless engine of war, and also a vessel of the most empty and black darkest grim grimness. Puppies and children will starve while your favorite characters are killed at their weddings! So grim!

New Backer Weapons

  • The Lionsword: full of courage and fury, bolstering the power of some Sword and Board skills.
  • Anavrin: ostentatious, flamboyant and full of potential, but doomed to never land a hit.
  • Yoyogod’s Sturdy Banjo: The blood-soaked companion of a Dungeonmans great at fighting but terrible at playing the banjo.
  • The Hexblade: A machined artifact of war, full of Science– perhaps too much Science?

New Monsters

  • Carpenter Bee: This mid-game antagonist loves nothing more than fortifying their position with hand-crafted wooden barricades.
  • White Triger Duke: Triger nobility? Oh dear.

New Feature: Overworld Regeneration

The Academy Headmaster now offers the option of creating a brand new randomized overworld while keeping the Academy intact. You’ll lose whatever progress you’ve made in the various towns and dungeons of your world, but will have a brand new map to explore and plunder.

Balance Changes

  • Standard dungeon layouts have been shrunk (again!) and are usually 4 floors, with the occasional 5th.
  • Dread Satellites no longer shoot Bolts of Doom all the time.
  • Lava Lance gets less bonus damage from Spellpower.
  • Enemies have a basic understanding of spike traps and will try to avoid standing in them, usually.
  • The second tier power in every Mastery now requires level 3, and the third tier level 6. This will not affect existing characters.


  • Buff Swap and Big Bamf won’t cause crashes in the overworld.
  • Power tooltips should clearly display required level if you aren’t there yet.
  • Fixed bug that let enemies counterattack arrows or spells when they should be countering melee parries only.
  • Fixed bug with wrong tooltip being displayed when the masteries panel is open and you’re mousing over a hotbar slot.
  • Prevented monsters from attacking obstacles they created.
  • Prevented monsters from attacking F Bombs.
  • Fixed bug with measuring Spellpower and calculating character stats.
  • Fixed bug where ranged weapon comparisons weren’t working correctly.
  • Fixed major bug that prevented items from granting the player additional powers.
  • Monsters who can Counterattack now have an indicator over their heads displaying this ability. Attack at your own peril!
  • Dungeon Pools have new art.
  • Treasure chests have new art, *and* toss loot everywhere when opened.


Jul 152014

Dungeonmans Early Access build 1.3 is available now!

Hats and Gloves
* Items have been added to the game that can be worn in your head slot, and hand slot.
* Hats and Gloves do *not* count as any particular Armor type. There are no restrictions to wearing these items.
* They do not (in most cases) provide Armor or Dodge.
* Gloves are designed to help you hit harder. They can give additional Spellpower, Armor Penetration, or Defeat Parry and Block.
* Hats are designed to support you in combat. They can lower the cost of spells, powers, and increase your base health.

Power Modifying Items
* Tech has been introduced that allows items and status effects to change the way your powers work.
* This build has three such items, gloves that modify the behaviors of Bolt of Foom and Power Drive.
* This will be a pretty important part of late game content, as it will allow for power progression outside of leveling up.

Temple Dungeons
* Temples are massive dungeons built on one floor, full of traps and an extra helping of treasure.
* Work your way around the outside ring to find the Temple Guardian and defeat them to access the inner sanctum, an area two levels higher in difficulty.
* Temples contain traps which hurt both you and your enemies. Currently there are two trap types with more in the works.
* There are lots of nooks and crannies in Temples, all of them full of Treasure Chests. Explore!
* Temple bosses aren’t functional yet, but there is a reward for reaching the center of a Temple.

Fallen Dungeonmens
* You should be able to find the pyres of dead Dungeonmens in every dungeon location now.
* More than one pyre will be available in a given dungeon floor if you have multiple deaths there.
* Every dead Dungeonmans should be recoverable! If you find this is not the case, please let me know what the circumstances are.

Ice Blocks
* Conjure Ice Block now conjures a cross-shaped collection of ice blocks! Blocking enemy advances will be much easier.
* Enemies can now attack Ice Blocks and other obstacles in an effort to get through to you.

Other Changes
* Fix for certain Dungeonmans grave monuments not drawing correctly, and ghosts not drawing correctly.
* Barricades no longer bleed, and shooting them with arrows doesn’t cause the arrow to fly off into 0,0.
* Crash from Big Bamf in overworld fixed.
* Lots of little fiddly edge cases and typos fixed.


Jul 012014

Armory Crafting
* Blueprints for randomly generated weapons will sometimes be dropped by powerful enemies. Taking these back to the Academy will unlock them for construction at the Armory. Recipes are permanent once learned.
* The items are designed to be a step between tiers, slightly more powerful than regular magic items of a given tier but still outclassed by magic items of the next tier.
* This feature is being closely watched! Your feedback is very important.

Town Shops
* New variations on shops have been added to towns. Expanded weapons, armor, and even some rarer class-specific shops. This is still a work in progress.
* Items purchased from a vendor are Store-bought and will produce much less metal when melted at the Armory.

Champions and Bosses
* Enemy Champions have been tuned down from 1.1
* Villain Cloud and Slowing Strike have been pulled from champions.
* Warlord Harrier burst damage from stealth has been reduced by 150%

Temple Dungeon and Traps
* Much work went into these but they’re not ready for delivery yet. Expect them in 1.3.

Bug Fixes
* All Scorpomanser and Smokestalker gear should be storable in the Wargear Vault.
* Took a swing at fixing crashes on alt-tab or minimizing the window.
* Fixed various edge case crashes involving Wheel of Pain.
* Other minor bug fixes here and there.